All the Benefits and Importance Of Ashtanga Namaskara


This asana can also be called Surya Namaskar Asana, or Sun Salutation Asana. Each of the 12 positions offers its own benefits. This asana’s essence is to salute the Sun god, the power source of all energy in the world. It helps us to salute the sun god. Because of its importance in our lives, asana is very important. Each pose can be arranged in a different way to create a well-shaped body.

Cardio would include cardio, running, jogging, and skipping in a gym. You will reap all the benefits of Ashtanga Namaskar by doing it. You will be surprised at how much more expensive it is to do yoga poses than to go to the gym.

It quickly flexes your entire body, providing the best massages possible to every part of your body. It also performs external massaging. Your body is the incubator ground for your body to generate power. It aids in purifying your body.

It is very beneficial for the heart as it helps to tone the muscles and arteries. Each step of this asana is a beautiful gift to your body. You can eliminate toxins by breathing in a coordinated way. Each of the 12 poses must be performed in a particular way. The inhaling and exhaling process must be done correctly. You can also chant the Mantras to help create harmony in your body.

Meditation creates awareness of the world. You feel confident, something you have been lacking for a long time. Your radiant face is a result of the mind and body working together.

This exercise is more than just about getting fit. It’s about understanding your inner chakras. This pose is only possible because of the level of concentration. This mantra is used in conjunction with the pose to help you feel more focused.

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This asana is complex and would require a lot of practice. This pose is best for people with good stamina and no other health issues such as blood pressure, heart disease or intestinal tuberculosis. Anyone trying to do this asana should consult their doctor or a yoga instructor.

This pose is very complex and we have learned that one article will not cover all the issues it helps us with. Each of the 12 Ashtanga Namaskara poses is crucial. It’s important that each asana be done in a specific way to maximize its effectiveness for your body.

6 Poses of Ashtanga Namaskara

This pose is very complex and we have learned that one article will not cover all the issues it helps us with. Each of the 12 Ashtanga Namaskar poses is crucial. It’s important that each asana be done in a specific way to maximize its effectiveness for your body.

These are the six poses we’ll be trying to learn about.

Pranamasana poses

1. Pranamasana (prayer pose)

Normal Breathing – Om Mitraaya Namaha

Benefits: This asana can help you fix many of your skin and waist problems. Standing pose gives the mind control. Meditation techniques help in creating a distinct personality. You will feel calm and balanced.

Hasta Uttanasana

2. Hasta Uttanasana (Arch your back)

Inhale-Om Ravaye Namaha

Benefits: The arch back position improves digestion and tone the abdominal organs. It tones the spine and lungs. This is a great option for overweight people as it reduces the excess baggage they carry every day.

Padahastasana pose

3. Pada Hastasana (Toe touch)

Exhale – Om Suryaaya Namaha

Benefits: This is a great way to get rid of any abdominal issues. This is an easy solution to this problem. You will also be able to stay flexible and tone your body. It makes your spine more flexible, which helps your back tone properly. You can also correct any problems you have with your fingers and feet.

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Ashwa-sanchalan–asan poses

4. Ashwa-sanchalan–asan – Horse pose

Inhale -Om Bhaanve Namaha

Benefits: This pose improves the functioning of your entire body by stretching every muscle. You can also resolve problems like constipation. It helps your thyroid glands because there is more stretch in the neck muscles.

Parvatasana poses

5. Parvatasana (Downward facing dog pose, or Mountain pose)

Exhale -Om khagaaya Namaha

Benefits: This asana can help build strong arms and shoulders. Also, the muscles are strengthened. This in turn helps to tone the spine nerves and gives you a flexible back. Yoga is becoming more popular among obese people. This is a great way to trim your waistline, which can be a major problem for many.

Surya Namaskar Asana or Ashtanga Namaskara


6. Ashtanga Namaskara – (Push-up pose)

Take a deep breath.

Benefits: This pose, also known as the salute the sun with eight parts of the body, is called the salute the sun. To provide maximum benefit to your body, your hands, legs and feet must work together in sync. This pose is also known by the push-up, and it helps to develop your chest muscles.

7. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Inhale – Om Hiranayagarbhaaya Namah

Benefits: This asana helps to maintain a healthy back. Your spine becomes stronger and more agile. Asana creates healthy circulation in your back. It helps to tone your spine and body. Your digestion is improved. It massages your kidneys and tones the liver. It improves the male and female reproductive systems. Problems with irregular menstrual cycles can be fixed. Your face will glow with the increased blood circulation.

Parvatasana yoga poses

8. Parvatasana

Exhale – Om Mariechibhyoh Naha

Benefits: This is the same as the Parvatasana asana that you do in the No.5 spot. It strengthens your shoulders and arms, much like a mountain. The elongation and lengthening of the spine can tone your back. This asana is great for those with a bulging stomach and a growing waistline. It can also be used to improve any problem in the abdomen.

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Ashwa-sanchalan–asan poses

9. Ashwa-sanchalan-asana

Inhale -Om Adityaaya Namaha

This asana is the same asana you do in the No.4 position i.e Ashwa-sanchalan-asana. This pose can be used to massage your internal organs and improve their functionality. This pose strengthens your leg muscles, creating balance. Your mind will also benefit from regular exercise, as it allows you to stay calm and stable. Regular exercise can help to eliminate problems with the throat.

Padahastasana pose

10. Pada Hastana

Om Savitre Namaha – Exhale

Benefits: This is the same as the Pada Hastana asana in the No.3 spot. Are you having problems with your fingers or feet? This asana will help you quickly correct the problem. You stomach and digestive system are healthy. Your chest will expand by bending your torso. Your arms and hands will also become stronger.

Hasta Uttanasana

11. Hasta Uttanasana

Inhale – Om Arkaaya Namaha

Benefits: This is the same as the Hasta Uttanasana asana that you do in the No.2 spot. Your arms will be stronger and more flexible if you lift your arms and stretch them. Your shoulder muscles become stronger and more flexible. It improves digestion and helps to tone the lungs. This is a great way to lose weight. This can greatly improve your vision.

Pranamasana poses

12. Pranamasana

Exhale – Om Bhaaskaraaya Namah

Benefits: You can do this asana in the same position as Pranamasana. This position calms your nerves and gives you a sense of balance.

Ashtanga Namaskar Asana ends with the exact same as it began, i.e Pranamasana.

Warning: This article warns that you should take all precautions when performing any asanas. Before you attempt the asanas, consult your doctor or your yoga instructor if you have any health issues. The reader is responsible for their actions, not the site or the author.