4 Chair Yoga Benefits for Seniors

What is Chair Yoga Benefits

Chair yoga benefits for seniors far outweigh any risks, as compared to other forms of exercise. The therapeutic activities are designed to work the entire body from head to feet to the best of each client’s abilities.

The method is designed to target the entire body in one routine. This feat is remarkable for a low-impact exercise program that lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. These are just a few of the many benefits that chair yoga classes offer.

Movement is the key to increased circulation. Every part of your body can be used in a Chair Yoga class. Many people think first of cardiovascular health. However, Chair Yoga can help with other forms of circulation within the body.

Sitting still for long periods can lead to many diseases. To keep their sugar levels within “tolerance zones,” people with diabetes need to move. Chair Yoga has routines that work for feet, fingers, toes, and hands. Regular Chair Yoga classes stimulate the immune system.

Regular Chair Yoga sessions stimulate detoxification by the many movements of twisting and bending. The stomach helps in digestion by leaning in one direction or the other. Also, the lower back is stimulated gently.

Let’s get back to the cardiovascular benefits. There is a lot of confusion around what aerobic exercise means. Aerobic exercise can be defined as any exercise that increases respiratory and circulatory ability. Aerobic exercise is when the heart and lungs must work harder to supply oxygen to the body.

Most seniors do their gardening and housework as aerobic exercise. Although gardening and housework may not be considered complete health maintenance, they can burn more than 200 calories an hour for the average person and thus meet the aerobic criteria.

This mentality is primarily rooted in the “No pain, no gain” era. Many of the original supporters of this theory are now “nursing themselves” and engaging in gentler forms of exercise. The body is only capable of withstanding so much abuse.

Let me remind everyone who is still standing that aerobic exercise includes walking. You can get significant aerobic benefits from walking or running a mile.

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Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors – Part 2

When it comes to correcting poor posture or alignment, we have all heard it. Poor alignment can take years.

Poor posture can’t be fixed in one day. When it comes to posture and alignment, a better saying might be, “The leaning tower at Pisa can’t become straight in a week.”

But, there are ways to improve your posture, including Chair Yoga exercises and daily “posture awareness.”

You can put the principles that you have learned into action and make them work for you. Although Chair Yoga will not cure all, you will notice improvements in every area of your life. You can still make a difference between success stories and those who only see modest gains by doing your homework.

What is posture awareness? It is simply taking time to notice your posture daily. To open your attention, the first thing you should do is look at your side in a mirror. Also, take any photos of yourself. Now, take a look at your spine from the top.

Do you see a slump, forward tilting of your neck, or ample curves? Your spine should always be straight. You should be conscious of positioning your spine during daily activities like standing, walking, reading, and eating.

We all can recall a teacher who said, “Keep your back straight.” But now, we know that they were right. From now on, take the time to align your spine. Do this every time you remember.

You should attend workshops on Chiropractic and Orthopedic medicine if you can. Learn about your body and how to make informed choices. These workshops, along with many other valuable meetings, are usually available at your local senior center. These workshops are often free, and you don’t have to pay anything. It makes for a great “Fact-Finding Mission.”

In a Chair Yoga class, you will learn the alignment and posture principles.

Chair Yoga Benefits for Seniors – Part 3

Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

While flexibility is considered a “byproduct” of Yoga practice, it is often taken for granted or downplayed in Chair Yoga. Mobility is the actual value of flexibility in Chair Yoga, as most Chair Yoga practitioners are elderly. Flexibility is of great importance when you consider that mobility can make the difference between independence and dependence for seniors.

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Following my work with seniors centers, adult day care centers, nursing homes, and assisted living communities, I made the following observation. Mobile seniors are more mobile than their dependent counterparts in hips, spines, wrists, shoulders, and wrist flexibility.

For clients in nursing homes, crossing their legs can be difficult. Chair Yoga students learn many exercises that “free up” significant joints. Chair Yoga has helped many students to manage pain from various ailments.

When reaching for something, an increased range of motion can make a big difference. It helps prevent injury from strain and falls. There is a risk that a senior could fall and cause serious injuries.

Chair Yoga has many balancing activities. Many seniors notice a significant improvement in their ability to balance their bodies after their first Chair Yoga class. Balance and flexibility are essential components of an injury prevention program that can enhance or improve the quality of seniors’ lives. Seniors flock to Chair Yoga classes every day or weekly to see this.

Many people realize that dependence is not just about physical condition. Many disabling diseases can strike any of us, and they have nothing to do with the lack of flexibility. To be independent for seniors, flexibility is not the only factor.

It is a known fact that seniors who are less mobile and frail will be more restricted. Senior citizens should try to be flexible because their dignity is at stake. Your physical condition could be viewed as an insurance policy to enable independent living. Who wants to put pressure on their family members or children just for the sake of being alive?

Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors – Part 4

Chair Yoga Benefits for Seniors by Yogaown

Chair yoga can be used in conjunction with many physical rehabilitation programs. Many physical therapists are trained in Yoga and have extensive knowledge. Patients who want to “come back” are often recommended Yoga by doctors, physical therapists, medical professionals, and others.

These patients find Yoga gives them the strength to keep going when others would discourage them. As a Yoga teacher, I find the stories of people coming back from death inspiring. I have witnessed comebacks from heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents over the years.

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It touched me to hear that they thanked me for teaching them Yoga and Chair Yoga.

Their minds gave them the strength to continue, and Yoga became an essential part of their lives. Being a Yoga teacher, the inspiration was mutual. It made me feel useful. Teachers of all subjects should be motivated by being helpful and appreciated.

Muscle tone can be achieved by stretching and flexing all muscle groups. Anyone who uses them will notice their active muscles. This is a great way to reduce anxiety, stress, tension, depression, and other symptoms. This will result in overall body health, similar to the other benefits. A healthy body compliments a healthy mind.

It is a good idea to include a weight-bearing or weight resistance exercise program for clients who can’t stand. Chair Yoga, another weight-bearing exercise, is an excellent option for those who can stand.

You can use machines or weights that are free with progressive weight resistance. However, Yoga allows you to maintain your weight. These exercise programs will result in increased bone density and prevention from Osteoporosis.

Seniors are more likely to be alone than any other age group. We all need some solitude from time to time, but too much can cause depression in some people. Not everyone can live like a monk.

Chair yoga classes are a great social activity that stimulates the mind and body. It becomes a fun and uplifting activity that everyone enjoys. Regular attendance and socializing in Chair Yoga classes is a healthy activity that builds strong relationships.

Seniors are also exposed to the many activities taking place in the community center. Chair Yoga participants are exposed to their whole health and receive nutrition education as senior, community, or wellness center members.

Finally, participants in Chair Yoga classes learn how to relax and calm the mind through breathing awareness, meditation stage-by-stage relaxation, or a combination of these methods. These Yoga students can control their thoughts, keep their minds focused on the positive things in life, and avoid depression.