10 Gifts Ideas for Yoga Lovers

Gifts Ideas for Yoga Lovers – Do you know someone who does yoga, or a hardcore yoga devotee and not sure what gifts to buy with your tight budget? These handpicked selections of unique yoga jewelry gifts that we have in our store will amaze them. It could also be in their shopping or wishlist.

Yoga is both a spiritual and physical discipline that uses breathing, exercise, and meditation to improve health and emotional happiness. Although yoga jewelry is not part of yoga, most yogis loved to be seen wearing one. So a yoga bracelet or yoga jewelry gift will please them.

10 Gifts Ideas for Yoga Lovers under $10 – But Prices May Change

Most of our selections are priced below $10 with choices for men, women and for both. The yoga bracelets are trendy and are the favorites amongst the yogis – you can’t go wrong with this choice. We also have the pendant necklace, but this is more for the ladies. Prices may change from the date of this publication, so please check the respective links for the updated and current prices.

mens beaded bracelet yogaown

Choose one of these unique jewelry gifts for any of these occasions: give as Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift, Graduation gift, Christmas gift, gifts for boyfriend, Valentine gifts, Thanksgiving Day gift, gifts for dad, New Year gift, gift for the boss, anniversary gift, birthday gift, gifts for husband, gift for wife, presents for men, gifts for girlfriend, gift for mom, gift for ladies. etc. There are so many occasions that you can think of and at the incredibly low price, you can afford to buy and give all these presents.

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Tips: Buy Ahead of the Occasion

Most of the items need longer lead time to arrive from the day you order the goods. Plan way ahead of the occasion so as not to be disappointed with any possible delay in the shipment. Give your self two month lead time and you should be pretty covered. Oh boy, no last-minute shopping here!

So, let’s explore what’s in store and have fun shopping for gifts ideas for yoga lovers.

1. Men’s Beaded Bracelet – Fashionably Elegant and Sophisticated

Mens Beaded Bracelet – Fashionably Elegant and Sophisticated

For men to wear a bracelet and look flawless is to make them match with their wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with this color combination of natural stone beads and stainless steel link bracelet. The black, white, grey colors will complement any colored shirts, pants, and jackets. If you are looking for more colors, there are the Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye Stone, and Phoenix Stone to choose from. Check out the link below to see more color options. A beautiful gift that looks classy.

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2. Simple Yoga Bracelet Charms for Masculine Elegance

yoga bracelet charms yogaown

A simple yoga bracelet in a rope chain with a choice of either silver charm of Ohm or Lotus flower. This simple bracelet lets them stack it with their other bracelet collections – allowing them to mix and match with their various bracelet sizes and styles. With the wrong bracelet design, stack bracelets can make their wrist look busy. But not with this simple charm bracelet -it will look good. This bracelet is also a charming gift for the gals as well. Check the box below for more details.

More Details Here

3. Exquisite 3-set Men’s Bracelets all for One Price

mens Chain and Link Bracelets

Alternatively, get this 3-set bracelet instead so you don’t have to worry if it will complement their other bracelets. And it is all for one price! Stacking bracelets has become a trend so this will look great and trendy. The stainless steel, genuine leather, and natural stone bracelet set have two leather/natural stone color combinations, and three length sizes to fit most wrists. Perfect for that masculine look. Click to see the options.

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See Size & Color Options Here

4. Natural Stone Beaded Bracelet Ideal for Casual and Formal Wear

natural stone bracelet

If you are looking for a bracelet that gives a classy look that suits their daily yoga wear and suitable for a formal dinner function, then this natural stone beaded bracelet is an ideal gift selection. Suitable for both men and women yogis, it has a choice of Ohm, Buddha, and Lotus charm. There are 108 natural stone beads of about 8 mm bead size in this bracelet. The soothing natural stone colors will blend easily with their dress wear and you cannot be wrong with this gift selection. Check on the link below.

See Beaded Bracelet Details

5. Simple & Stylish Black Lava Stone Bracelet with Turtle Bead

Black Lava Stone Bracelet with Sea Turtle

Get the right sea turtle bead color now before it starts to swim away. You can choose from any of the 8 charming colors that suit his or her lifestyle. As sea turtle symbolizes longevity, shouldn’t you get one yourself too? Especially at this amazing price.

Check Sea Turtle Colors Here

6. Classic and Tribal Mandala Lotus Pendant Necklace

Pendant Mandala Lotus Necklace

A vintage tribal-inspired pendant design that comes with one or three turquoise stone beads to add some chic to their casual wear and lifestyle. Nice and simple, but still so unique. An ideal gift with boho vibes and a unique sense of style – to make them feel like a wanderer in an exotic far-flung destination. All these at an incredibly low price. You should get one too!

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7. Magnificent Wire Wrap Water Drop Pendant Necklace

water drop pendant

This wire wrap Tree of Life Pendant symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and beauty – a symbolic gift for someone who is progressing to better levels and strength. You have a choice of six different semi-precious stones – Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, White Stone, Green Black Agate, Aventurine, and Amethyst. It is also a wonderful addition to their meditation, yoga and chakra work.

Choose your Semi Precious Stone Here

8. A Great Buy Pendulum Pendant Necklace With Multi Color Stones

pendulum pendant necklace

Looking for another design for Tree of Life Pendant? Then you can’t go wrong with this multi-color stones Tree of Life Pendant Necklace with an amazing 28 color and design options. They are cute and also an eye-catcher. Perfect for their formal or special occasions, or for their daily wear. A gift that will be truly appreciated.

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More Details Here

9. Love Charm Crystal Pendant Necklace for the Romantic

Crystal Pendant Necklace

You have to browse through the link below to see the amazing 23 different design options and combinations, not just with a Love Charm as shown in the photo. The pendant comes with a necklace measuring about 45+5 cm, a good length for most people so you don’t have to worry if the gift fits. Check it out now.

See Design Options Here

10. Yoga Bracelet With 7 Colorful Beads – A Unisex Charm Bracelet

Chakra Bracelet Yoga Bracelet

This is a free size bracelet with an adjustable sliding knot closure to fit most people. The beads are arranged in a beautiful array of rainbow colors – a charming gift for both men and women who love yoga.

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Don’t Forget to Gift-Wrap!

You spent hours looking for the right gift and reading through this blog for the best buy, so now you’ve got to think about how to gift-wrap it. Presentation matters and how you gift wrap your present show how much you care. If your gift is of a lower-priced value, it is even more important to wrap it nicely. You can accessorize it with ribbons and bow-tie, dried flowers, miniature balloons, pine cones, etc.

Now, if you are not creative or have no time to think about it, get these pouches instead. Your selected yoga bracelets, pendants, etc will fit in nicely into one of these pouches – they come in a choice of colors and sizes. Check through and see which suits your gifts.

Drawstring Pouch Bags

These velvet drawstring pouch bags come with ribbons so you don’t have to worry about accessorizing it. Just put the gift into the pouch, slip in your short note and tie the ribbon into a bow-tie. You surely can do that, right? The pouch comes in four sizes – 7 x 9cm, 10 x 12cm, 6 x 13cm, and 12 x 15cm.