Learning about Ayurveda – a Brief Introduction and Guide

Learning about Ayurveda Yoga

Learning about Ayurveda – It is the science and practice of preventive medicine (take care of your health so that you don’t get sick) and living habits that limit indulgence in the physical senses. This goes against the natural resistance of the soul and conscience (refusal of enjoying the moment).

Ayurvedic Treatment

What happens if someone is already sick? It covers internal medicine (kayachikitsa), surgical (Shalyachikitsa), treating eye,ear,nose, and throat (shalakyachikitsa), pediatrics, gynecology, and osterics ( kaumarabhritya), and mental health (bhutavidya).

What is Ayurveda Yoga

Body Elements and Constitution (Prakriti)

The human body is composed of five elements: akasha, Vayu (air), Agni (Fire), Jala [Water] and Prithvi (“earth”).

All human beings are composed of a mixture of two or three of the five elements mentioned above. These are body humours, or Doshas, and include Kapha Vata Pitta, Vata, and Pitta. It is simple to identify a person’s category and treat them accordingly.

Vata is a combination of space elements and air elements. People are afraidful, illogical, and insecure. The skin is dry. They have short hair. They are dark brown or gray eyes. Vata stimulates the nervous system, hearing, speech and creativity. He can get diseases such as insomnia, cramps, and constipation if his mind is not in a balanced state.

The Pitta category represents fire element: These people are ambitious, intelligent, fiery and angry. They have a clear voice, precise expression, and a clear voice. They have fine, soft hair. They have eyes that are blue, hazel and grey. When healthy, they are a leader and have a warm personality. They are highly motivated to anger and metabolism, and they can suffer from acidity, ulcers, and rashes. Also, hair thinning can occur.

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The Kapha category (water and earth element): They have long, lustrous hair. Blue eyes are more common than brown. People are able to endure with a calm, steady mind. They can forgive and show intense love. They can be greedy or possessive at times. Kapha is the lubricant which keeps your joints functioning, keeps you healthy and gives you immunity. It can cause weight gain, congestion, allergies, and lethargy if taken in excess.

Ayurveda Yoga Treatment

Nature of Ailments

Once the Prakriti has been decided, it is important to know the nature and causes of diseases (Vikriti). The result is an imbalance. However, there are two extremes to every imbalance: deficiency and excess. These are: heavy-light, slow, sharp, cold-hot and unctuous dry, smooth-rough solid-liquid, stable-mobile, subtle, gross, and not-slimmy. Prakriti, or the original constitution, is restored after being corrected.

These 20 characteristics will determine the treatment. These could be due to improper eating habits, poor sleeping habits, anxiety, and improper mental outlook.

Clogging or blocking (Ama), which prevents life energy from flowing for vitality, is another type of illness. This can be corrected and it will produce energy, perfect immunity, strength, and a general feeling of bliss. Ayurveda summarizes this in one word, Ojas.