What Should Men Wear to Yoga Classes?

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What should men wear to Yoga classes? If you are wondering what to wear to yoga classes, you are not alone. As of 2018, about 72% of yoga practitioners are women. But statistics also show that this percentage will drop as more men are now taking up yoga. So to help with what to wear for yoga, we have outlined the essential yoga apparels for you and compiled some of the topic’s frequently asked questions. Let’s check them out.

What To Wear To Yoga Classes

If you are planning to join a yoga class, it is important to wear the right type of yoga apparels. You will feel comfortable and unrestrictive in the different yoga poses which initially, can be challenging. You are required to bend and move with ease. So you will need a good top and bottom to allow you to stay as flexible as possible. Tops can be loose or tight but not too loose as it can get in the way of your yoga poses. It can be long or short sleeve or sleeveless – it does not matter. T-shirts or tank tops are good choices.

For the bottom; leggings, sweatpants, yoga pants, or capris that are comfortable and allow you to move easily will fulfill that function. You can also wear shorts but this can be a problem for certain poses -slippage’ can happen! So best not to wear them.

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Do You Wear Socks to Yoga?

You don’t wear socks or shoes for yoga as you need good traction on the yoga mat without slipping around. But some men prefer to wear yoga socks for hygienic reasons and also to keep their feet warm in winter. If you prefer this, make sure it is the non-slip yoga socks with good grips.

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What Not to Wear to Yoga

As mentioned earlier, avoid wearing shorts that are too short – ‘slippage’ can happen. Also, avoid wearing shorts that are super loose for obvious reasons. You want to move freely without any worries about your manhood showing during those ‘sneaky’ poses.

Sweatpants with Drawstring

Jogging pants or sweatpants with a drawstring or string tie can be a problem for some yoga poses. If you have to bend over, the non-stretch string tie will put extra pressure on your stomach. Instead, wear jogging pants or sweatpants with an elastic waist.

Shirts or tops that are tight and body-hugging can also interfere/restrict your poses and stretches.

Clothes with Zippers

Yoga tops and pants that have zippers or belts can take a stab into your skin for some poses. So abstain from wearing them.

Material for Yoga Pants and Shirts

Yoga is a combination of low-impact physical activities that involve stretching to improve flexibility, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation. You will also sweat during yoga especially in hot and Bikram yoga. Hence, you must wear soft, stretchable and breathable clothes. Fabric that wicks away sweat is also important so you can practice in comfort.

Cotton is a good fabric – it is a natural product, lightweight, comfortable and durable fabric. Unfortunately, it absorbs sweat and hangs onto it so you are exercising in a soggy shirt. If you don’t sweat that much, cotton yoga apparel is perfect. But if sweat more than other people, choose something else. It is also not suitable for hot yoga.

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Some yoga apparels are of cotton/spandex blend. It has all the benefits of natural cotton and is extra stretchy, which is good for yoga.

Now, you can buy yoga clothes made from bamboo. Bamboo fabric absorbs sweat and quickly releases it the air, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

Synthetic fabric such as the polyester/spandex blends are designed to pull sweat away, are breathable, and stretchy.

For activities such as yoga, your best bet is to get fabrics that are stretchy, breathable and will wick away sweat. Also, choose clothes that are durable and will withstand washing and re-wearing.

Can Guys Wear Yoga Pants?

what to wear to yoga class

You see ladies wearing yoga pants and wonder if guys can wear them too. Yes, they can. Make sure it is stretchy, breathable, is quick-drying and will wick away sweats.

Can I Wear Sweatpants to Yoga?

As mentioned earlier, yes you can wear sweatpants to yoga. If you prefer the loose-fitting sweatpants, make sure it allows for the full range of movement. Some are specially made for yoga.

Can You Wear Leggings to Yoga?

Yes, you can wear leggings to yoga. You can wear capris and Harlem pants as well as long as it does not restrict your yoga movements. The advantage of wearing leggings and capri pants is that it lets you check your body alignment with the different yoga poses that you are doing.

What Do Guys Wear to Hot Yoga?

In hot and Bikram yoga, the room is kept at a steady 105℉. Your yoga is going to be hot and very sweaty. So for this class, men can go topless or wear light, comfortable tops and pants that are breathable, quick-dry and wick away sweats. Check this article on hot yoga accessories for more information.

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Do You Wear Socks in Hot Yoga?

You sweat a lot in hot and Bikram yoga so it is traditionally practiced barefooted. If you wear socks your feet will sweat even more and you might lose grip of the yoga mat. Check this article ‘Are Yoga Socks Necessary‘ for more information.

Towel for Hot Yoga

Although your yoga mat will absorb some of your sweats, it is good to place a slipless yoga towel over it. It keeps the yoga mat clean and dry. A small face towel is also nice to have, to wipe away sweats from your face and hands.

How to Dress for Yoga in the Winter

If the yoga studios are well heated in the winter, you can wear your usual yoga tops and yoga pants that you wear for your classes. Otherwise, long tights or leggings and long sleeve tops or t-shirts are fine.

Wrapping Up…

What to wear to yoga classes also depends on your personal taste, style, and mood. If you sweat during yoga, then your choice of yoga apparel may also be different. If you are into fashion, there are tons of new designs and fabric choices to choose from.

At the end of the day, you want to improve your yoga and have a meaningful session. So how good you look in your yoga clothing doesn’t matter. But how good were your yoga practice, matters!