Yoga and Weight Loss: Can you Lose Weight with Yoga Exercises?

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Yoga and Weight Loss Exercises – People in America are trying many things to lose weight. They tend to resort to fad diets and celebrity diets. You might even be the inventor of the next diet craze if you add an adjective or noun to the word “diet.”

Although a “diet” may temporarily help someone lose some weight, it is not a good option for permanent weight loss or healthy weight loss.

They say that I have both good and bad news.

There is a proven and well-known way to lose weight. The good news is that although you might need to make some changes to the foods you like, it’s not necessary to make drastic changes. Yes, you were learning how to substitute something that you don’t enjoy for something else right now might require. But, with time, this will become easier, and you may even start to enjoy the new tastes and foods. I’m sure. I have been there.

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Unfortunately, this means that you will need to be more active, in addition to making changes to your diet. Dare I say it? You’ll have to exercise!

The benefits of exercising is a whole article. I have already written about how different forms of exercise are possible, so you don’t need to be stuck with a painful or unpleasant exercise routine. This is a pitch for yoga as my preferred exercise program. But, your exercise program might not be my choice. You will need to decide if yoga suits you, as much as I love yoga.

Let’s not get into yoga. Instead, let’s list the benefits of regular exercise.

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Yoga Pose for Weight Loss Program

Many illnesses and conditions, such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, can be reduced or prevented. Some studies show possible reductions of certain cancers.

  • It improves mood and decreases depression.
  • It helps maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
  • Aging delays can make seniors more mobile, self-sufficient, and less susceptible to injury and illness.
  • This reduces the risk of premature death. That sounds like a huge benefit to me.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy weight.

These benefits can be found in any exercise program. But what makes yoga different?

Yoga and Weight Loss

Yoga offers many benefits beyond the obvious ones.

1. The point of yoga is not in the complex and painful postures but in attaining them. Many skilled practitioners of yoga started in the same position you are in today. If your body isn’t ready, it is acceptable to modify or come out of a position a bit early. Regular practice of your best version (asana) combined with easy-to-learn yoga breathing techniques will lead to steady progress.

2. You don’t need a personal trainer, special equipment, or to go to the gym. Yoga can be done naked, even if you don’t own a pair of gym shorts. A yoga mat is not necessary. Although yoga is easy enough to be taught from a book, it’s still possible to do it from a mat.

3. Yoga can be relaxing, and it relieves stress. This is not only a tremendous personal value, but it can also help with stress management.

4. Yoga breathing can be beneficial for many reasons. It can also help you lose fat by simply practicing it daily.

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5. As you improve your ability to perform yoga poses (asanas), you will begin to notice a greater sense of control and mastery over life. You will be able to face any temptations, even those related to eating and new eating habits. You will find yourself being more accepting of yourself and others. When you fall a bit, you’ll be able to get up and move on to your next step.

6. You will feel more healthier, stronger, and happier as you make progress with your yoga practice. These feelings will motivate you to keep your progress going and resist the temptation to go back to how it was.

Although there is no perfect solution, yoga can offer some valuable benefits that may be helpful in your quest for permanent, healthy weight loss.