Yoga for Arms: Building Strong Arm through Yoga

Yoga for Arms Exercise

Yoga for Arms Strength Beginners – The other day, I was at work when a colleague of mine, who is a Yoga instructor, suddenly began pumping the 20-pound dumbbell that he had stored in his cubicle. Given that he does it quite often, I asked him why. His response was

“Oh, my yoga class doesn’t do anything to my arms.”

I stared at him confused and, fortunately for me, I had a draft book with photos of yoga balancing poses. I asked him if they were something he had ever tried. Surprisingly, however, he refused to try them and wanted me to show him.

I was struck by this realization and wondered how many others yoga practitioners believe that Yoga is not sufficient for building arm strength. Nothing could be further from truth if you’re such a person.

Yoga is great for strengthening the arms. Although you might not see your biceps through your T-shirt sleeves you will notice an increase in arm strength.

Yoga is also a major influence on basic Calisthenics such as Push-ups, Planks and Dive-bombers. My opinion is that if you are looking to strengthen your arms with Yoga, the best exercise to concentrate on will be the Sun Salutations.

When I struggled to hold endurance-building poses like the Wheel, Bow and Peacock Poses (with their variations) for an adequate length of time (say, 90 seconds on average), I found that by increasing the Sun-Salutations (Exercises mentioned earlier) to at least 24 consecutive rounds, I was able to hold any of these poses for quite some time.

This powerful exercise will warm up the muscles, so it is safe to assume. Combination of systematic poses to meet the moderately strenuous demands placed on them.

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Additionally, I discovered that Hindu-push-ups, a straight-yoga derivative, are a great way to add variety to your workout. These Sun Salutations also increase your endurance, allowing you to do a lot of this Yoga-esque exercise.

How to do Yoga for Arms Strength

The Sun Salutations (24+ rounds), are one of the best poses to increase strength in your arms.

  1. The Wheel Pose
  2. The Inclined Plane Pose
  3. The Bow Pose
  4. The several variations of the Peacock Pose
  5. The several variation of Crow Pose
  6. The Side and Regular Plank pose

Additionally, Yoga can be used to increase arm strength by combining the simple shoulder-stand with its counter poses, The Bridge and Fish pose.

These poses can be used to tone your abs, and in some cases to massage your visceral organs. You bet that free-weights are unable to do this.

If you see someone, like my coworker, who doesn’t believe Yoga can do anything for their arms or thinks it won’t, tell them to try the Sun Salutations and the poses.

It will be a classic case where believing is possible, so try this suggestion. You will almost certainly see an increase in your arm strength by doing Yoga that is-in no matter what time.

Relax and Breathe: Yoga for Arms Morning Stretches

Yoga Workout for Arms

Stress doesn’t have to be a part of your daily life. Breath can be used to relax your body and mind, instead of stressing it. Yoga can help you to re-learn the natural state your body and mind desire to be in: relaxation.

Deep breathing can be both calming as well as energizing. After a few minutes of mindful breathing, you will feel calm and steady energy. Your nervous system will be notified by slow, steady, and calm breathing.

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Yoga breathing has been the subject of many books. Here’s a 5-minute Breath-break. Before you start the practice, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly.

1. As straight as you can, sit with your spine straight. If necessary, you can use a chair but don’t slump in it. Place your feet flat on the ground with your knees just above your ankles. If your feet are not comfortable on the ground, you can place a book or cushion underneath them. Your hands should be on the top of your legs.

2. Close your eyes and allow them to rest behind closed lids.

3. Consider your ribs from the front, back and sides. Behind those ribs are your lungs.

4. Your lungs will expand and your ribs will expand. Your lungs will begin to empty, and your ribs will return down. Do not push the air out.

5. Do this for 2 to 3 times, then increase the time to 5 to 10 seconds. You should start by setting aside at least one hour per day for this. Once you experience how great it feels, you will want to continue doing it at other times.

Relaxing for a few moments every day can help you get through any stressful situation.