Yoga for Period Cramps: 5 Easy Poses as Natural Pain Relief

Yoga for Period Cramps

Yoga for Period Cramps – Some people wear Lululemons, but they actually go to yoga. Others are wearing yoga pants while watching Netflix, and others are laying in savasana…in bed. No judgment. If you have been contemplating yoga but aren’t sure how to get started or have the time to do it, this article might help. Yoga can be used to relieve cramps, headaches, anxiety, and other symptoms related to periods. These benefits are more likely to be experienced if you do yoga regularly. However, even a 5 minute session of period yoga can make even the most stubborn periods pains go away. We’ve collected 7 simple Yoga for period cramps poses. Different poses have different benefits.

Easy Poses of Yoga for Period Cramps

How to Do Yoga for Period Cramps

1. Bound Angle Pose- BaddhaKonasana

Periods are a common problem due to constipation and diarrhea. Prostaglandins release, which causes your uterus contract. While not the most fun, bound angle poses can be very helpful. It can soothe your digestive system and provide relief from painful periods. It stimulates your ovaries, making it an excellent pose for reproductive health. You can also do bound angle if you feel tired. It will help to regain your energy.

2. Reclined Bound Angle-Supta BaddhaKonasana

Are you feeling a little cray from period-induced anxiety? This pose is essential. This pose is also known as bound angle, but it’s a reclining bound angle. However, you are leaning forward instead of back. This pose is great for PMS symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, headaches and other issues. Your abdominal muscles can relax by leaning back into this pose which can reduce cramping.

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3. Balasana – Child’s Pose

Yoga is not just about flexibility. Many poses have an effect on your organs and can be used as an internal massage. Child’s pose flexes your reproductive organs and releases tension in the neck, back, shoulders, chest, and neck. This simple pose is perfect for those who suffer from achy joints and muscles during menstruation. You can stay in this pose for as long as it takes to feel the calming effects on your mind and body.

Easy Yoga Poses for Period Cramps

4. Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend – Upavistha Konasana

Wide angle seated forward bent (that’s quite a mouthful) are great mind-calming poses. This pose is great for anyone who has stress. The benefits of this pose are not limited, as with all other poses. This forward bend stimulates your abdominal organs and reduces cramping (both short-term and long-term).

5. Reclining Twist – Bharadvaja

The reclining twist is one of the most common poses to relieve menstrual pain. Why? It feels great and has huge health benefits. You’ll feel great if your hips and back are stretched. This is especially important if you have aches and pains due to your period. The fresh blood flow that this pose brings to your digestive system will also stimulate it. It’s a win-win situation!

6. Inverted leg pose – Viparita Karani

This pose has many benefits, both mentally and physically. Inverted leg pose, like many other poses, improves circulation, digestion, lowers blood pressure and boosts energy. It also soothes the nervous and nervous systems. Inverted leg pose is said to improve creativity and problem solving, which is great if you are going through periods where it can be difficult to focus. Inverted leg position can be a great way to keep your emotions in check, even during angsty mood swings.

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Yoga for Period Cramps Relieve

7. Janu Sirsasana: Head to Knee Forward Bend

A forward bend? Yes. It’s a good thing. Forward bends are known for their stimulating effects on the reproductive and abdominal muscles. You can modify the head to knee forward bent to suit your level of experience. Head to knee forward bend, no matter how it is modified, supports your reproductive system and digestive system. It can relieve anxiety, fatigue and headaches as well as mild depression.

Even if it’s impossible to get to a class, you can do some or all of these poses at home to help manage your period pains. Let’s face it, soothing cramps and headaches by eating sugary snacks or binging on Netflix is only temporary. Even if you only do yoga for a few minutes each day, it will make you feel better and last longer.